Obara Capital is Africa’s Premier Hedge Fund

We offer investment solutions around underfunded alternative asset classes


We have a commitment to excel in every aspect of our business. This quest for excellence is deeply rooted in our DNA so that we constantly strive to be the best in everything we do.

We are naturally curious and open-minded. We like to think out-of-the box and stress our people to maintain our practices at the cutting-edge of the financial industry standards.

We view our entrepreneur spirit as critical to succeed in rapidly changing African markets. Our flexible investment approach embodies agility and follows a pragmatic result-orientated strategy that allows us to take advantage of opportunities wherever they arise.

We strive to systematically exceed expectations. We achieve this by being exhaustive in our research, rigorous in our analyses and disciplined in our investment decisions. We define performance as the achievement of above-average risk-adjusted returns.


"Its impossible to produce a superior performance unless you do something different from the majority"

- Sir John Templeton

"Our deep knowledge of frontier markets coupled with a best-in-class investment approach enable us to identify the best investment opportunities while delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors"

Bernard AYITEE
CEO Obara Capital